12 Gauge Red-i-Laser boresight

12 Gauge Red-i-Laser boresight

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12 Gauge Red-i-Laser is the ideal instrument to:

  • verify how much upshot your shotgun gives
  • practise your swing with the Red-i-Laser on a flat surface and get instant feedback (this way you see imperfections in your swing)
  • when you have a shotgun with adjustable stock you are able to use the Red-i-Laser to see what is the best stock position for you
  • you can find out the deviation between your upper and lower barrel and in relation to your aiming point
    be advised that if you find out there is a large difference between your upper and lower barrel that there is not much you can do to
    improve this other then remember with wich barrel you should give more or less, higher or lower advance...
  • find out at what distance your barrels meet each other
  • use the Red-i-Laser, prior to purchasing a new shotgun, to verify that both barrels are nicely lined with the aiming point,
    this is never the same, (even when you compare 2 shotguns from the same brand/model/production...) because there are
    2 barrels being attached to each other and there is only 1 aiming point.

supplied in wooden box with:

  • Reference chart
  • Manual
  • Leather pouch for placement on your hunting belt
  • 2 'O' rings for shotguns with more spacious chambers
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12 Gauge Red-i-Laser boresight