JSC Kalashnikov Concern (Russian: Конце́рн Кала́шников, Kontsérn Kaláshnikov) known until 2013 as the Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant (Russian: Иже́вский машинострои́тельный Заво́д (ИЖМАШ), tr. Izhévsky mashinostroítelny Zavod (IZhMASh)), is a Russian defense manufacturing cocern headquartered in the city of Izhevsk as well as the capital city of Moscow. The concern designs and produces a wide range of civilian and military weapons including assault rifles, sniper rifles, designated marksman rifles, machinesquad automatic weapons, hunting rifles, shotguns, guided artillery projectiles, and a wide range of other precision weapons.

The Kalashnikov Concern produces about 95% of all small arms in Russia and supplies to more than 27 countires around the world, making it the largest firearm manufacturer in Russia. Notable products include the Kalshnikov (AK), the RPK light machine gun series, the Dragunov SVD semi-automatic sniper rifle, the SKS semi-automatic carbine, the Makarov PM pistol, the Saiga-12 shotgun, and the submachine gun Vityaz-SN and PP-19 Bizon. These firearms, except for the SVD, SKS and the PM, were based on the famous AK series, due to its reliability to endure harsh conditions, low production costs, availability in nearly every geographical region, and ease of use.

The Concern contains three firearm brands: "Kalashnikov" (combat and civilian weapons), "Baikal" (hunting and civilian guns), and "Izhmash" (sporting rifles)