LPA was established in 1974 with an ambitious goal: supply the whole world with top-quality sights!

Now this goal becomes reality thank to their efforts and commitment to produce superior quality products. State-of-the-art technology, products machined exclusively from solid steel by cnc machines, and more than 35 years of experience have endowed LPA with the versatility needed in their work: that’s why, at the present, they are able to confirm their full availability in modifying any item in compliance with customers’ drawings or creating something special according to particular requests.

Today LPA exports 80% of its sights all over the world supplying the most important companies of the firearms field as: Benelli, Beretta, Browing, CZ, Fabarm, FAIR, FN Herstal, H&K, Merkel, Mossberg, Norica, Para Ordinance, Sig Sauer, S&W, Springfield, Tanfoglio, Thompson Center Arms, Winchester…

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Resultaat:12VolgendeToon alles