EGW Lightened 1911 Hammer

EGW Lightened 1911 Hammer

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The EGW Lightened 1911 Hammer is the best hammer available on the market.

Whether you are looking for a replacement hammer or are doing a full custom build from scratch, the EGW 1911 Lightened Hammer is exactly what you need.

After looking into several manufacturing methods, we decided to fully machine our 1911 lightened hammers from solid barstock, the method we use for our popular 1911 hard sear, 1911 long ball head disconnector, 1911 slide stops and 1911 thumb safeties.

The accuracy of our 1911 hammer is impressive. Using one hold to machine and ream the holes, mill the profile, cut reliefs and slice the hammer means that all these operations will be within .0005" for a true and square hammer.

The tank treads for cocking serrations look Heavy Duty and are functional without adding stress risers.
The slot through the top adds a distinctive looks and make the hammer lighter.
The lightened 1911 hammer weighs in at 10.7 grams (165 grains).

This 1911 hammer is machined from carbon steel and is heat treated. If you decide to apply an aftermarket coating to the hammer, consult your applicator first and make sure that the process is safe for heat treated components. We have found that coatings that require heat can cause brittleness and we have seen examples of hydrogen embrittlement from hard chrome.

Machined from: Vacuum hardened American tool steel 51-53 Rc hardness.

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EGW Lightened 1911 Hammer