RPP Marlin M-LOK Adjustable Pistol Grip Stock Green

Marlin M-lok Adjustable pistol Grip Stock in Sniper Green color by Ranger Point Precision

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The Ranger Point Precision M-lok Adjustable Butt Stock is a tactical upgrade for your Marlin pistol grip lever-action rifle.
Provides your rifle with a complately different look and feel, aswell the posibility to further personalise and accessorise.
In short, it brings your classic 19th century rifle tot the 21th century with this modular tactical upgrade.

Fits all Marlin Pistol Grip lever-action rifles such as: Marlin Dark series, Marlin Traditional series, Marlin 336, Marlin 308Win and .338, Marlin .410, Marlin .444; Marlin 1894 in calibers .357M, .44M, .45Colt, Marlin 1895 .45-70Gov, Marlin 450. Independent of manufacturer (JM, Remington, Ruger or Marlin)

Made from 6061 Type GRN (Sniper Green) ceracote
Lightweigt 595gr (21 oz) which is a bit less than the factory standard wood stock
Same LOP (Length Of Pull) as standard stock
3 M-lok slots ond the bottem for all your M-lok accessories
QD Flush Hole Cup for mounting your QD riflesling
Screwed swivel point for mounting your riflesling or monopod
Adjustable comb height thnaks to the 4 pivot joints. low for us with standard iron sights, higher for use with mounted optics
Aerospace designed 'DeaD Blow' recoil pad
Stock end has the same dimentions as the classic AR15 6-position stock, so any aftermarket ar-15 style recoil pads will fit, adjusting your LOP (Length Of Pull)

Butt stock Accessory panel can be fitted  (rpp-butt-stock-accessory-panel) and houses 3 M-lok slots and 6 QD Flush Hole Cups zo you can mount a quiver and QD riflesling
Spacers are available in lengths of 1,25 cm for large shooters who find their standard length stock to short
Riser is also available when using higher mounted optics to having an optimal comb.

Package contains:

1 Aluminium adjustable M-lok stock with recoil pad, allen wrench and manual.

Installation manual:

With a flathead screwdriver, remove the stock attachment screw running from upper to lower tang on the receiver. Slide the factory wooden stock rearward, off the receiver. Sometimes a few bumps with the palm of your hand may be needed to free the stock.
Slide your new Ranger Point Modstock into place on the receiver tangs. Replace the attachment screw, or replace it with one of our quick detach butt stock screws. If preferred, add the included cheek pad onto the top strut (peel and stick).

Adjust Comb Height: Using the supplied Allen key, slightly loosen the four ¼-28 pivot bolts. Rotate the stock until you have a perfect cheek weld for your sighting solution. Tighten the pivot bolts as tight as possible using the supplied Allen key. There is no recommended torque spec for this.
You should always use the lowest scope rings possible. Your Modstock should offer a good cheek weld with a low mounted scope, but should you need more elevation than can be achieved with stock setup, contact us about accessory cheek riser kits.

Adjust Length of Pull (LOP):
The Ranger Point Modstock offers LOP adjustment by two means:
1) Interchangeable recoil pads. Our butt plate is made in the pattern of the common AR 6-position collapsible stock. Most, if not all recoil pads made for this stock will fit ours, and small changes in LOP may be achieved by fitting a different pad.
2) LOP shim/spacer. For very tall shooters (over 6’) Ranger Point offers a ½” spacer, available on our website. The spacer accepts the same recoil pad(s) as the butt plate.

CAUTION: The Modstock assembly utilizes serrated spring steel washers to lock the pivot joints in place. Losing or omitting these washers will result in an unsecure lockup, and unintended rotation of the stock under recoil.
CAUTION: If coating your Modstock, the pivot joint areas must be masked off from paint. Changes in tolerance or lubricity due to coating ingress may result in poor function of the pivots or unsecure lockup.

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RPP Marlin M-LOK Adjustable Pistol Grip Stock Green

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