Sordin Supreme Pro-X Black with Leather Headband Electronic Ear Muffs

Sordin Supreme Pro-X Black with Leather Headband

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Item No.: 75302-X/L-02-S

The Supreme Pro-X ear muff combines optimum protection with high amplification, AUX input and waterproof battery compartment. Black cups with a foldable headband. As standard it is equipped with a comfortable foam sealing cushion.

  • Waterproof microphones (IP67 tested)
  • Optional camouflage headband
  • Cups shaped to fit both right hand and left hand shooters
  • Convenient foldable headband
  • Two separate, well shielded microphones for optimum sound direction location
  • High amplification and natural sound reproduction without chopping and cutting out
  • Audio input (AUX) for connecting external audio sources, such as radio
  • Lead with 3.5 mm mono jack plug included
  • Includes 2x AAA 1,5V battery
Version Headband
Weight (gram) 332
Cup color Black
Type Electronic
Headband Black leather
Category Medium
Battery lifetime (h) 600
NRR = 19
SNR = 25
H = 28
M = 21
L = 16

Sordin Supreme is legendary in electronic hearing protection. No brand can match its mythical status as an essential part of any serious outdoor user’s wilderness kit. More than 30 years after its first introduction, Sordin Supreme is more renowned than ever for its outstanding robustness and excellent ambient sound reproduction – and keeps attracting new generations of quality-aware users across the globe.
Sordin Supreme owes its superior-quality reputation to a unique set of benefits: safe hearing protection, ambient sound enhancement, extensive communications opportunities, and not least, trustworthiness. It will never let you down, even in the harshest weather or user conditions.

Sordin Supreme was designed to keep on going where others don’t. A genuine robustness intuitively sensed by anyone balancing it in their hands. A slim cup design offering you full freedom of movement, while – remarkably enough – providing excellent hearing protection. The tight feeling over the ears, without compromising with your comfort.

A set of qualities that may appear unique to any hearing protector. But it takes more to create a legend that spans across generations and make users remain loyal to a brand decade after decade.

What it really comes down to is Sordin Supreme’s excellent sound reproduction. Based on the SordinHEARTM audio system, this hearing protector sharpens all your senses and boosts your performance. And that’s how myths are created
At the heart of Sordin Supreme’s legendary sound reproduction is the SordinHEAR™ audio system. The idea behind the concept is to create a sound image so natural it’s like not wearing a hearing protector at all. Allowing you to hear surrounding sounds through your ear cups the way they actually sound – in fact, even enhanced. Until a noise peak strikes, that is, then advanced sound compression technology activates instantly to safely protect your hearing.
What places Sordin Supreme in a class of its own is its unique audio reproduction. Like most electronic hearing protectors, it uses electronics to compresses noise to a safe level while allowing harmless sounds to pass through the cups on their way to your ears. Only, it does it so much more efficiently and innovatively.

Using smart algorithms, we managed to make optimal use of the technology opportunities provided by advanced ambient sound technology. With Sordin Supreme, you’ll hear the sounds you want to hear, you’ll and hear them clearly and naturally, while harmful noise peaks are safely compressed.
The SordinHEAR audio system is based on smart use of software algorithms and efficient digital signal processing in the DSP. This helps to create a sound profile that not only reproduces ambient sound naturally but enhances it to improve the user’s sound experience and situational awareness.
Sordin Supreme is more than a hearing protector. It’s a hearing enhancer, which allows you to pick up even very weak sounds that would otherwise be inaudible to you, and even give you a precise sense of the location of the sound source. While, of course, compressing harmful noise peaks to safe levels to protect your hearing.
Amplification of weak sounds
Many electronic hearing protectors enable ambient sound reproduction. Some even amplify the surrounding sound effectively. But for amplified ambient sound reproduction to be useful and comfortable for you, it must also keep down white noise so that you’ll clearly discern any important sound. Here’s where Sordin Supreme truly excels.
Superb directional sensitivity
Not only does Sordin Supreme pick up even the weakest sound, it helps you tell precisely where it comes from, too. The excellent directional sensitivity is the result of the high-sensitive ambient sound microphones and advanced digital signal processing, giving you an immediate sense of both direction and distance to the sound source.
Short decay time
You need safe protection from noise peaks, and the sound compression necessary must remain active for as long the peak lasts. But then you want your normal hearing experience back as soon as possible. Sordin Supreme has a very short decay time, i.e. the time it takes to restore the sound image after a noise peak – adding further to the natural sound image.
Originally developed for military use, robustness was not an option but a strict requirement with Sordin Supreme. So, balancing audio reproduction excellence with durability and longevity was built into the heart and soul of Sordin Supreme – right from the beginning.
Durable cups
The flat and slim cups, made of durable ABS plastic, are highly impact resistant – yet flexible enough to retain their shape across a wide temperature range. The cups don’t become brittle even at very low temperatures – a legacy attributed to Sordin Supreme’s Swedish origin.
Non-corrosive materials
Every external metal part is made of non-corrosive materials such as brass and stainless steel. What visually stands out is the rugged strainless-steel screw that hermetically seals off the completely waterproof battery compartment.
Robust software
Yes, software robustness matters  too! Knowing what it takes to stay clear of bugs and corrupt code, we developed the software ourselves, based on extensive experience. The basic principle: use as much finesse as it takes to build great functionalty, but don’t overdo it to avoid the risk of failure. It works! 
Conformal coating
The failsafe electronics, designed specifically for high shock and vibration proofness, are key to Sordin Supreme’s legendary reliablity. Several layers of coating (topped by additional polymer layers on MIL models) give the electronics outstanding long-term moisture protection.
5-year warranty
Sordin Supreme Pro-X (including LED) models come with an extended 5-year warranty.
Slim and robust design
The unique robustness ensures reliability and longevity even in heavy-duty environments. A slim cup design offers excellent freedom of motion. 
Sound quality
Excellent amplification, directional sensitivity and sound-quality reproduction without chopping, cutting out or disturbing white noise.
Cup design
Depending on model, you can choose between different cup colors/patterns. 
Water resistant
Battery compartment, external microphones and electronics (polymer covered) are fully waterproof (all models expect Basic).
Integrated LED light
The flagship Pro-X LED model features a built-in LED light that you switch on/off easily.
External microphones
Two high-sensitivity microphones, one on each cup, cater for normal surround hearing and optimal directional sensitivity.
Gel rings
The tightly noise-sealing and comfortable gel rings let you keep your hearing protector on all day (standard with Sordin Supreme Pro-X LED).
Leather/textile headband
Selected Sordin Supreme Pro-X models are available with a (detachable/ washable) textile headband. 
Internal loudspeakers
A loudspeaker in each cup reproduces external sounds. MIL models come with an additional pair of communication loudspeakers that continue to work even when the batteries are out.
RFI protection
Built-in radio frequency interference (RFI) protection using metal shielding of sensitive electronics for highest intercom integrity (MIL models only).
AUX input
Add auxiliary equipment of choice via a standard 3.5-mm input connection – including radio, communications equipment, cellphone or external boom mic (Pro and Pro-X models only). 
Integrated boom microphone 
Noise-cancelling boom microphone with a heavy-duty down lead, providing high noise reduction with a slim design (MIL models only).
Connect-to-cable (CC)
Connect an external 2-way radio system or a push-to-talk device via a built-in cable (Sordin Supreme MIL CC models only).
Ambient sound
Stay connected with your surroundings and talk to people around you in normal conversational voice without removing the hearing protector.
Headband or neckband
Selected Sordin Supreme Pro-X and MIL models are also available in neckband version for convenient use with e.g. a helmet. 
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Sordin Supreme Pro-X Black with Leather Headband Electronic Ear Muffs

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