CZ Range Bag FDE

CZ Range Bag FDE

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Item No.: 5125-2100-02

Sturdy original range bag from CZ in Flat Dark Earth (FDE)

1 large closeable front compartment ( with CZ logo on outside) is equipped to hold 7 pistol mags and other accessories
1 large closeable rear compartment (with nametag holder on outside)
1 small closeable leftside compartment
1 watter bottle holder left side
1 Right medium closeable compartment
1 Main compartment with on the inside of the longest sides 2 non-closeable compartments to place handguns or documents
The main compartment itself has velcro on the 2 non-closeable compartmens of the sides which enable you to place the delivered 2 velcro pieces upright and organise your bag to your needs into 2 or 3 seperate compartments, keeping everthing nicely organised during transport.
The CZ range bag is equipped with 2 D-rings and adjustable shoulder strap
It also has 2 carry handles which can be held together with a velcro grip and enable you to carry the bag by hand instead of over the shoulder
2 big Nylon loops on the left side enable you to attach other accessories or bags
The main compartment can also be closed by the 2 connected zippers and the big nylon loop to the D-ring by means of a padlock or cable lock.
Each compartment has 2 zip^pers and a nylon loop on each side so that you easely can close off each comparment with a lock.
Underneath of the range bag are 5 anti-slip rubber pads ( 1 in the middle an 1 in each corner) to protect the bag.

All zippers are YKK and equipped with an extended small nylon loop making it faster and easier to grab

Height: 23cm
Length: 50cm
Width: 34cm

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CZ Range Bag FDE

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