.30-06 Rifle Cable lock

.30-06 Rifle Cable lock

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.30-06 Rifle Cable lock

Secure your .30-06 caliber rifle with this compact security kit.
With this cable lock you can rest asured that your rifle is safe against unauthorised manupilation.

Works with the inserting of a .30-06 dummy round with cable, on the end of the cable that sticks out the barrel, the lock is secured.
The dummy can also be used as a snap cap.

For rifles in caliber .30-06 with a barrel length between 19,6" and 25,6".


1 .30-06 dummy round
1 Cable
2 Small cable extentions
1 5-position lockreceiver
1 Cable lock
1 Barrel protector
2 Keys

Blister packed.

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.30-06 Rifle Cable lock