Sling swivels and screws

Sling swivels and screws

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Item No.: GHH-0012

This set is ideal to supply your rifle with a sling or bipod and or monopod attachment.

Consists out of 2 detachable sling braces, a woodscrew and a M5 screw and nut. The m5 screw can be mounted trough a drilled hole and the nut can be placed in a countersunk hole.

Screw the swivel adaptor with M5 threads into the nut. The wood Screw can easely be screwed in a wooden or synthetic stock. Don't forget to pre-drill the stock and keep in mind the thickness of the stock where you well place the screw.
When you dont use the swivels to place a rifle sling you can also use them to attach a bipod or monopod on your rifle.

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Sling swivels and screws

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Sling swivels and screws