.22LR Chamber safety Flags (10)

.22LR Chamber safety Flags (10)

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Item No.: 30F-10-.22LR

.22LR Chamber safety Flags (10)

These plastic .22LR dummy rounds with their long flag lets referees/teachers/testers and other individuals see that the firearm is unloaded.
The dummy with flag is inserted into the the guns chamber, should their still be a live round in the chamber, the operator would be unable to insert the dummy with flag.

Visible from far away thanks to the bright red coulor and length.

Very interesting to see from a distance that shooters weapons are unloaded for example after a shooting contest, or during the replacment of targets in the shooting direction...

Warning: the slide of the pistol or bolt from a rifle needs to remain in the open stand, the flag is to show that the pistols chamber is empty, releasing the slide/bolt with the flag inserted may cut the flag.

Blister packed.

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.22LR Chamber safety Flags (10)