Spuhr Quick Detach Cantilever D30 H38 0MIL ISMS Mount, QDP-3016

QDP-3016, D30 H38 0MIL/0MOA ISMS Integral mount

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Item No.: QDP-3016

- 1-piece moount (extremely solid and durable)
- 45° split rings (makes your scoep turrets more visible)
- Rings have grooves to, if wanted, be able to glue the scope (only recommended when using extensively in a 4WD vehicle or with other extreme vibration circustances)
- Comes with a 10° wedge so you can mount your scope perfectly level (no headache and doubt anymore with level bubbles on your scope turret)
- Built-in instantly visible level, so you know your rifle is level before you shoot.
- Flexibility; thanks to different interfaces to mount range-finders, red-dots, lasers,...
- Important, interfaces on the mount itself have no MOA (0 MOA), interfaces mounted on hte rings have the same MOA's to be in line with your optic (0 MIL, 3MIL, 6MIL,...)
- The Cantilever mount is specially designed for use with AR15 and AR10 weapons
- This Quick-Detach will not release by accident thanks to the security buttons on the levers and it is possible to adjust the tention for a perfect fit on your rifle.

The durability, possibilities to expand and accessorize, integrated bubble level, easy installation and model range with different diameters, heights and MOA's makes Spuhr mounts more popular day by day among long range shoorters (military, police and civilian users).

Quick detachable cantilever mount featuring side clamp and dual levers on the left side of the mount, with tensioning screws on opposite side of the mount body. Allows the scope to be mounted 40 mm/1.57” farther forward than with a non-cantilever mount. 0 MIL/MOA Height: 38 mm/1.5” Length: 151 mm/5.94” (mount body only) Weight: 278 g/9.5 oz 10-degree wedge included

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Spuhr Quick Detach Cantilever D30 H38 0MIL ISMS Mount, QDP-3016

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