Spuhr Tactical Scope mount D34 H38 10 MOA SP-4302C

SP-4302C, ISMSTactical Scope mount D34 H38 3MIL/10,3MOA


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Item No.: SP-4302C

Scope Mount Ø34 H38mm/1.18" 3MIL PIC

Picatinny mount for use on bolt action rifles
Rings: 34 mm
Tilt: 3 MIL/10,3 MOA
Height: 38 mm/1.5”
Length: 120 mm/4.72”
Weight: 255 g/9 oz
Interfaces: 7 sets

Comes with 10° wedge for mounting the scope 100% level in the mount.

For 34mm scopes with objective till 56mm
Height of top side of your picatinny rail till centerpoint of scope is 30mm
This one has 0 MOA or 0 MIL canting
Made out of 1 blok 7075-T651 aluminium
Hard anodised

This version is the 2022 new model with extremly robust and shockresistant mounting connection.
Compatible with all 1913 picatinny rails
The design makes for easy acces and vieuw to your turrets due to the 45° angle of the cover rings.
The mount holds a canting level/bubble level so you are certain that you install the mount level to your rail and can check during shooting exercise to see if your rifle is still level on the ground or shooting rest.
The mount has different options to place extra inferface for red-dot sights or picatinny rails.

Thanks to the making of the mount in 1 piece their is no stress on your scope due to improper machining of seperate rings. The scope does not get damaged or scratched due to mounting. You are able to mount the scope perfectly level thanks to the supplied wedge, the scope is clamped with 2 long top covers of which each is torqued with 6 screws, providing an even en consistent mounting of the scope, resulting in better consistant groupings at long range and excellent repeatability.

Comes in cardboard box with foam inlay holding the scopemount, manual, wedge and spare screws

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Spuhr Tactical Scope mount D34 H38 10 MOA SP-4302C

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