Warne Skyline Precision 34mm Scopemount Medium

Warne Skyline Precision 34mm Scopemount for Picatinny rail medium height

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Item No.: 7821M

The Warne® Skyline® Precision Mount has been engineered from the ground up with the precision rifle shooter/competitor in mind. Machined from 7075 T6 aluminum billet, and featuring 2 integral recoil lugs along with 4 mounting crossbolts, the precision mount easily handles the rigors of competition or hard use environments. The STANAG rail interface allows for more precise mount alignment, and return to zero capability than a traditional Mil Spec 1913 Picatinny interface while still being compatible with all picatinny rails. The Warne Skyline Precision Mount features a wide assortment of accessories that mount directly to 10 different interfaces on the scope rings. Look for Warne's complete line of Skyline Precision Shooting Accessories at your favorite retailer. Accessory placement allows the scope tube to be free and easily moved front to back for precise eye relief and is a much more efficient way to mount accessories. Shooters can add these optional accessories:

  • Precision Mount Level
  • Data Card Holder
  • 0° accessory rail
  • 90° accessory rail
  • Data Card Refills

  • Part Number: 7821M
  • Fits Objective Size:72mm
  • Height: Medium
  • Dimension A:34mm
  • Dimension B:1.18 inch
  • Dimension C:.813 inch
  • Dimension D:3.23 inch
  • Finish Color:Matte Black
  • Weight:7.1 oz
  • Material:7075 Aluminum
  • Scope Tube Diameter:34mm
  • Fits Objective Up To: 56mm

Warne recommends torquing the cross bolts in the order of 2, 3, 1, 4 to 40 in/lb max.

  • Loosen 4 cross bolts with a T-20 wrench and install on your picatinny style rail.
  • Tighten cross bolts snug and follow the recommended pattern for final tightening.
  • Remove the 4 cap screws from each top cap with the supplied T-15 wrench and remove the top caps.
  • Place your scope in the mount and replace the top caps and screws*.
  • Slowly tighten cap screws evenly and leave loose enough to adjust for eye relief and level the reticle and tighten the cap screws in a criss-cross pattern to scope manufacturers’ recommended torque rating**, 18 in/lb maximum.

*Torque Spec are for dry threads, DO NOT USE THREAD-LOCKER COMPOUND

**Many scope manufacturers’ have established specific torque ratings for their scope and you must follow their recommended torque.

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Warne Skyline Precision 34mm Scopemount Medium

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