Airgun Ground Target Crow

Airgun Ground Target Crow

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Item No.: GHH-1960

This is a very practical target for airguns in your garden.

The 25cm long picket is pushed easely in the earth and will keep the target standing even in bad weather.
The target itself had the contour of a crow. Shots that are not in hte center are resisted by the heavy duty steel plate and clearly audible.
A well placed shot in the yellow center will drop this bull's-eye.

Simply shoot the reset bull's-eye under the right low corner of the crow making the bull's-eye pop up again in the center of the crow, no need to walk up to the target to reset the yellow bull's-eye or to pull a string to make it visible again.

You can make a real shootout in your garden by placing targets at multiple distances and with different forms (rat, squirrel, crow, rabbit),..

Measurements: 10x9x47,5 cm
Material: Steel
Finish: Black powdercoating
Finish Bull's-eye: Yellow powdercoating

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Airgun Ground Target Crow

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Airgun Ground Target Crow