Truglo TFO Sig Sauer P series sights set

Sig Sauer P224, P225, P226, P220, P2022, P320 (excluding P365 and German X-series)

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The better you can see your sights, the better you can shoot. We brought fiber-optics to the shooting sports industry decades ago for this very reason. TFO® pairs our fiber-optic sights with our tritium night sights to create a consistently bright sight picture — day or night! Our patented combination of tritium and fiber-optic technologies unites the best of both worlds — providing the same bright sight picture whether you are in glaring daylight or complete darkness.

Sig Sauer P series in calibers 9x19 en .357Sig as the: P226, P226 Legion, P220, P225, P228, P320 (not compatible with P365 or German X serie models)

  • Combines fibre-optic technology with tritium
  • Unmatched visibility in all shooting conditions 24/7
  • Assembled in USA with quality Swiss tritium for maximum brightness
  • Glows in the dark – no batteries or light exposure required
  • Same sight picture day and night
  • Concealed fiber cannot be seen by target
  • FORTRESS FINISH™ nitride protective coating

Blister packed.

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Truglo TFO Sig Sauer P series sights set

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Truglo TFO Sig Sauer P series #8 sights set