Zendl Adjustable sight for CZ Shadow 2, CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow

Zendl Adjustable sight for CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow, Shadow 2

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This rear sight is designed for CZ Shadow 2, CZ 75 sp-01 shadow, CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow Orange, CZ 75 Shadow line, CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow line and CZ 75 Compact Shadow line models.

This rear sight will fit your CZ Shadow 2 just as it is, because the factory front sight for Cz shadow 2 is the correct height of 7.5mm. For other CZ Shadow line models you will need to get a 7,5mm front sight or a sight set with matching height of front sight & rear.

Standard  viewport  in  rear  sight is (width  x  depth) 3  x  2.2mm. 

This rear sight meets  requirements  of  I.P.S.C. production division.

  • excellent processing quality
  • does not require any adjustments on the pistol
  • made in Czech Republic
  • meets requirements for IPSC production division
  • made by ZENDL gunsmith
  • Enables height and windage adjustments

Installation of the rear sight

For installation it is not necessary to adjust the slide by any way.

When you have the slide, you need a place to hold it tight - ideally a vice with some kind of leather attached to the endings so that you dont scratch / damage your slide when fitting.
When you have the slide fixed, you can start with the original rear sight. In case of a rear sight with a screw from the top, first unscrew the screw before getting any further.
We recommend using any middle material between the hammer and the rear sight, preferably a brass punch so that you dont damage your pistol nor the sight.
You need to knock the rear sight under 45 degree angle so that it does not get stuck.
This part of the replacement sometimes be easy, sometimes very nerve draining as the rear sight can go very tough. Most of the time however, unless you stuck the raer sight in the dove tail you just need to use more power.
When you have the rear sight out, you need to clean the dovetail with thinner and spray a bit of oil afterwards.
As the new rear sights usually have a screw from the top for fixation, you better check if the screw is not exceeding the rear sight in the bottom so that it does not obstruct.
Then, you just knock the new rear sight into the dovetail on the position of the original one. After having the new rear sight in the correct position, just fix it with the screw and that it. Rear sight replaced!


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Zendl Adjustable sight for CZ Shadow 2, CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow

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