Lensolux 1-6x24E

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The new Lensolux battue rifle-scope 1- 6x24E

due to a completely new development we have reached a new and more modern appearance. The large visual field of around 43 m/100 m is of course still available! And at the highest possible color fidelity and edge sharpness.
This new scope also features brand-new reticle Lenso-Dot2. It is located in the second image plane and remains constant with the change of magnification. Due to its large field of view (43 m to 100 m), this model is a true specialist for shooting at moving targets, but due to its 6-fold magnification can also be used for single hunt during the day.
Magnification 1-6fold, 24 mm lens diameter and 11-fold dimmable illuminated reticle Lenso-Dot2 with red dot. The perfect scope to be used on moving targets, whether in the dim forest or at brightest sunshine out in the fields.

One-piece body with 30 mm diameter, anti-scratch coated ALU, Nitrogen-filled against internal fogging and therefore waterproof. With finely adjustable eyepiece.
All our optics are tested for <1.5 g. In this way, we guarantee shooting strength for every llarge caliber.

Includes sturdy 4-bolt aluminium mounts 21.5 mm (Weaver-rail), throw-lever, protective flip-up covers, manual, cleaning cloth and spare battery CR 2032.

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Lensolux 1-6x24E

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Lensolux 1-6x24E