.22WinMag Action Proving Rimfire Dummy Rounds

.22WinMag Action Proving Rimfire Dummy Rounds

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.22WinMag Action Proving Rimfire Dummy Rounds

Precisely dimensioned for function testing and shooter training.

These .22 Rimfire dummy rounds are not snap caps, but rather precisely dimensioned, functional dummies; A-Zoom Training Rounds are CNC machined from solid aluminum and hard anodized. A-Zoom .22 Rimfire dummies are widely used for hunter education and teaching safe firearms handling. Gunsmiths rely on them, too.

  • Training rounds are the same size as actual ammunition
  • A-Zoom 22 Training Rounds load in a magazine just like real ammo
  • Teach Safe Loading and Unloading

Warning: do not use as a snap cap, these dummys are designed for function testing, teaching firearm safety...Dryfiring will damage the head and make the dummy unusable after 4-5 hits. (due to the hardness of the material).

Blister packed (6).

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