Kalashnikov wood furniture set for MK series

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This set gives your modern Zihmash MK-serie or Saiga-9K a classic look without losing any functionality.

Made out of solid selected high grade quality walnut with beautifull oil finish.
Izhmash production (original Russian), limited quantity available.

This kit contains:
- gas tube cover (aka upper handguard)
- Lower handguard with AK logo and widened grip for extra grip
- complete wooden stock with metal parts (recoil pad and mounting attachment) including the goldcolored Kalashnikov inlayed emblem.
- manual

Original, newely produced, Russian Izhmash furniture set, airsealed packed!
Suitable for the Izhmash MK models equipped with folding stock such as the MK-102, MK-103, MK-104, MK-105, MK-106, MKK-102, MKK-105, MKK-106, Saiga 9K,...

Attention: Unlike the polymer standard stock this wooden stock does not have a sling attachment and is not hollowed out to contain the cleaning kit.

There is a difference with this stock set compared to the stock that came with the limited editions MK-103 SOT as the cutout for the side rail is rounded as with the MK-103 SOT is was rectangular.

Installation Manual.pdf

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Kalashnikov wood furniture set for MK series

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