RPP Rossi 92 M-LOK Handguard FDE

Rossi 1892 Tactical M-Lok handguard by Ranger Point Precision in FDE

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Item No.: MLOKA-R92-FDE

The Ranger Point Precision gen2 M-lok handguard is by far the most tactical upgrade for your Rossi 1892 lever-action rifle.
Gives your Rossi M92 a completely different look and feel and provides possibility to customize and mount tactical accessoreis such as a vertical grip, bipod, gunlight, quiver,...
In short, it brings your 19th centy rifle into the 21st century!

Fits all Rossi 92 lever-action in calibers 357M, 44M, and .45Colt
Will also fit Citadel Levtec carbines.
Will no fit octagonal barrel versions or kaliber .454 Casull variants

Dimensions: 13.25" long x 1.5" width x " 1.6" height
Weight: 5.8oz
Mounting screws, barrel band & hardware included
All parts chamfered, hand deburred, and tumbled to provide a smooth comfortable finish with no cheese grater effect
Flat bottom provides increased stability when shooting from a rest, while the slender width, deep finger grooves and rounded lower corners offer comfortable ergonomics
6061-T6 Aluminium with ceracote Flat Dark Earth Finsih

M-lok rails on 3-6-9 uur (15 slots total)
3 Quick Detach Flush Hole Cups for QD slings (3-6-9)
1 Threaded sling stud for a traditional sling mount

Installation video:

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RPP Rossi 92 M-LOK Handguard FDE

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