RPP Marlin 336 barrel band M-LOK Handguard

Glenfields, Marlin 336 30-30, 30-30AW, 336CS, 35 Rem Carbine, 35 Rem, 444, 41 mag; 1894C 357 barrel band model Tactical M-Lok handguard by Ranger Point Precision

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The Ranger Point Precision gen2 M-lok handguard is by far the most tactical upgrade for your Marlin barrel band such as: 336 30-30, 30-30AW, 336CS, 35 Rem Carbine, 35 Rem, 41 mag; Also Marlin 1894C 357 barrel band model lever-action rifles.
It provides your rifle a completely different look and feel aswell as the possibility the personalize and mount tactical accessories such as a vertical grip, bipod, gunlight, quiver, ...
In short, it brings your 19 century rifle to the 21 century!

Fits all Glenfields, Marlin models with barrel band such as the 336 30-30, 30-30AW, 336CS, 35 Rem Carbine, 35 Rem, 444, 41 mag;
Also fits the Marlin 1894C .357M barrel band lever-action
Not compatible with Marlin barrel band rifle in caliber .444, 336 Compact, 336Y (Youth) nor versions with octagonal barrels and Marlin end-cap versions and the Marlin 336W (outside diameter of barrel is to big).

Machined from one piece of solid billet aluminum for increased rigidity and reduced weight.
Full length 13.25" total length x 1.5" width x " 1.6" height
Weight: 7.5 oz
6061-T6 Aluminum Type 3 black anodised
Heavy duty barrel band and screws hardware are provided increasing durability and load bearing capacity while ensuring easy installation
Four set screws afford rock solid bedding and eliminate lateral shift.
Even easier DIY installation.
24 M-lok slots on 3-6-9 'O'-Clock
Four Flush Cups holes for push button sling swivels
Smoother, cleaner lines on each side with dedicated parts for different rifle models.
Flat bottom provides increased stability when shooting from a rest, while the slender width, deep finger grooves and rounded lower corners offer comfortable, confident ergonomics
Increased grip on bottom, with leaf voids cut into corner radius.
Improved compatibility with shortened barrels and suppressors.
All parts chamfered, deburred, and tumbled to provide a smooth comfortable finish with no cheese grater effect
Made in the USA

Installation Manual:

1. Remove (unscrew) the front sight ramp. It may be necessary to drift out the sight blade on some models to expose the second screw.
2. Remove the magazine cap screw while preventing the cap from launching under spring pressure.
3. Remove the front and rear barrel band screws and slide both bands forward off the barrel. Tip: put a few drops of oil around both bands to ease disassembly and help prevent finish scratches.
4. Pull forend and mag tube off rifle and test fit your new RPP forend. See fitting instructions below if necessary.
5. Install the RPP barrel band adapter onto the barrel. The screw head counterbore should be on the right. Put a drop of blue thread lock on the band screw threads, install the screw through the existing crosspin slot in the barrel, then gradually snug the screw while keeping the band indexed on the receiver (as viewed from muzzle).
6. Check fit and barrel channel alignment of the forearm. Adjust band index if necessary, then tighten the screw with modest torque.
7. Put blue thread lock on the supplied attachment screws, install them, and then slide the mag tube through the forearm and into the receiver port.
8. Reinstall mag follower and spring, then front barrel band and magazine cap.
9. Replace the front sight.

Installation video:

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RPP Marlin 336 barrel band M-LOK Handguard

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