RPP M-lok Quiver for 8 rounds 357Magnum or .38Special ammo

M-lok Quiver holds 8 rounds 357Magnum or .38Special by Ranger Point Precision

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The M-LOK 357 Mag Cartridge Quiver holds eight rounds close at hand for quick, fast reloading. Complements our popular M-LOK forearms or butt stocks (will also work with any other M-LOK forearm on the market). 

Fans of Ranger Point's innovative lever gun parts will recognize the same thoughtful approach to product design in this elegantly simple, robust, and practical cartridge quiver. From its proven, proprietary O-ring retention system to its smartly sculpted, protective bullet tip cups, this quiver was designed for lever gunners, by the people who love lever guns best.

Ranger Point came up with our proprietary O-ring retention system several years ago while building custom rifles. The system worked beautifully in our custom stocks and works equally well in this application. O-rings create a natural friction even without a tight fit, preventing cartridges from slipping. They also isolate the cartridges from vibration, ensuring secure retention even during rough handling.

- Holds eight rounds of 357 Mag / 38 Special ammunition 

- Made of 6061 aluminum and Type III hard anodized

- Proprietary and highly secure O-ring retention system holds cartridges in place, even in the coldest weather

- No adjustment necessary switching between various manufacturer's cartridges 

- Smartly sculpted bullet cups protect cartridge tips from any damage

- Two MLOK attachment points allow the quiver to be mounted just forward of your loading gate, or anywhere else with two adjacent M-LOK slots, putting eight extra cartridges at your fingertips

Package includes: one cartridge quiver with O-rings installed, 2 M-LOK T-nuts, and 2 screws

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RPP M-lok Quiver for 8 rounds 357Magnum or .38Special ammo

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