RPP Marlin 1894 and 1895 end-cap M-LOK Handguard

Glenfield 30A; Marlin Dark Series rifles; 336BL, 336D, 1895 45-70, 444, 450M, 1894 44 Mag, 1894 357 Mag, 1894 45 Colt  end-cap model Tactical M-Lok handguard by Ranger Point Precision


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The Ranger Point Precision gen2 M-lok handguard is by far the most tactical upgrade for your Marlin end-cap such as: Glenfield 30A; Marlin Dark Series rifles; (336BL, 336D, 1895 45-70, 450M, 1894 44 Mag, 1894 357 Mag, 1894 45 Colt  Lever-action rifles.
It provides your rifle a completely different look and feel aswell as the possibility the personalize and mount tactical accessories such as a vertical grip, bipod, gunlight, quiver, ...
In short, it brings your 19 century rifle to the 21 century!

Fits all Glenfield 30A; Marlin Dark Series rifles: (336BL, 336D, 1895 45-70, 450 and Marlin 1894 44 Mag, 1894 357 Mag, 1894 45 Colt  Lever-action
Not compatible with Marlin end-cap rifle in caliber .444, 336C Compact, 336Y (Youth) nor versions with octagonal barrels and Marlin barrel band versions and the Marlin P and CL models.


Measurements: 13.25" length x 1.5" width x " 1.6" height
Weight: 7.5 oz
Two-Mounting points: 1895 45-70Gov (lower mounting hole); all others upper mounting hole
6061-T6 aluminum (Black Type III anodized )
All parts are polished and deburred for comftorable grip and ergonomics
Flat bottom provides increased stability when shooting from a rest
M-lok slots 3-6-9 'o'-clock (24 slots total)
3 Quick Detach Flush Hole Cups for QD sling mount
18 Fingergrooves on both sides
Made in the USA

Installation manual:

  1. Remove forend cap screws (2) and magazine cap screw. Caution: mag caps are under spring tension. On 1894 models with front barrel bands, the mag cap will be released when the screw is withdrawn. These models will require removal of the front sight in order to get the band off. All others will be seated on a post.
  2. Slide the forend cap forward, away from the forearm, and lift the forearm away from the barrel. Remember that the mag cap will be released as the mag is lifted off its post. Forearms are often tightly fitted between receiver and barrel tenon. If the forearm will not easily lift away from the barrel, grasp the mag tube close to the forearm and gently use it as a pry bar. If this doesn’t work, drive a wooden or plastic wedge between the mag tube and barrel, again close to the forearm. Be aware that tightly fitted forearms may splinter when pried off the tenon.
  3. Test fit the RPP Modular Handguard into the receiver flange. Start the rear flange into the receiver with the handguard held at a slight angle to the barrel. Upward pressure will be required (against the barrel) in order to compress the bedding pads in the rear flange. Once started, you may use a wood or plastic block to gently tap the handguard fully into place, holding it parallel to the barrel. If the handguard will not go into the receiver flange, STOP and call RPP for further instructions.
  4. Once fit is assured, set the handguard aside, and drift out the factory forearm tenon. Then install the RPP tenon. Recommended tenon fit is snug, but not excessively tight. A light friction fit will suffice, but a loose fit will be weak. If the tenon is too tight, slowly lap the flat on sandpaper over a flat surface, until the tenon can be drifted in with moderate force (Moderate! or it can bend). Position the tenon so that the mag tube is properly aligned with the barrel when lying in the cradle of the tenon. Check handguard alignment as well. Once proper placement is achieved, the tenon should be staked or Loctited in place. Be careful NOT to strip the screws.
  5. Install the mag tube into the RPP handguard so that it is through both end caps and protruding slightly from the rear one. Be sure to index holes/slots in the tube appropriately.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Just as with your factory forend, end cap models, magazine tubes must be put inside the forend channel and properly indexed before assembly. The two parts should be assembled to the rifle in tandem. This is critical in the case of 1895s and 444s with bulged magazine tubes.

Installation video:

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RPP Marlin 1894 and 1895 end-cap M-LOK Handguard

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